Why an EDBA



You are an Executive Senior Manager

You are a working professional (entrepreneur, senior manager, consultant, teacher or lecturer), and have more than 10 years experience.

  • You have a desire to theorize a professional experience and to share it
  • You wish to theorize your practical experience
  • You would like to produce high-level academic research and diffuse it through publication in academic journals and texts and to bring your contribution to a specific field
  • You wish to pursue an in-depth analysis and write a thesis on a concrete managerial problem through the tools of scientific research
  • You wish to obtain the title of “Executive Doctor” or “Academically Qualified” for a change in career


The program offers a structure tailored to your professional life during the three-year period.


Hesitate no longer: the EDBA at the Université Paris-Dauphine is made for you!


The EDBA at the Université Paris-Dauphine is a doctoral level program, based on the concept of “engaged research”, which is offered to working professionals in order to give them all the necessary research tools to theorize their professional experience and produce academic research of the highest quality.




Paris-Dauphine University’s EDBA aims at encouraging communication between two worlds often distant, that of management research and that of the enterprise.  


This merger allows you to:

  • Give a scientific scale to your “intuitions”
  • Gain legitimacy/ visibility in your professional sphere
  • Access a global vision of an enterprise’s strategy, its functional organizations including the latest projections in theoretic research within a scientific framework


 “…the opportunity is given to us to study a problem through the prism and rigor of a Doctoral thesis, all while bringing to the table operational management experience…” (Elisabeth Bordes, Class 1)


“The Executive DBA is a doctoral program of reference for professionals. A real gold mine of knowledge,theoretical and methodological tools necessary for research as well as managing a high-performance and innovative organization.” (Ernest Kuekam, Class 1)


Participate in a significant way to the evolution of knowledge in your domain of expertise by reviewing your business practice.

After the program, in my daily life as a manager, I no longer saw problems in the same manner, but with perspective and from various angles.” (Elisabeth Bordes, Class 1)


Work and be in contact with executives in a research environment.  

“ …I decided to enroll in the EDBA program in order to resume and deepen my knowledge of business subjects, and share knowledge and ideas with other professionals.” (Antonia Hernandez, Class 7)


“…Through the program, I’ve strengthened my research capacities, expanded my professional network, gained new insights into the topics that interest me and have generally grown and gained maturity as a consultant…” (Kristen Sukalac, Class 4)


Become a high-level consultant.

“I always dreamed of innovating and after the filing of my patent, the EDBA is a final step in my professional path to become an international expert/consultant in the field of economic and corporate solutions…” (Gilles BUISSON, Class 7)


Work at a high level in your field of expertise and at the heart of your enterprise thanks to continuous access to references in the domain of Organizational Science.

“Great ambition to be a professional expert with systematic analysis of business issues motivated me to move into the EDBA program, as well as it shall equip me with the necessary theoretical framework, skills & competence to further explore my business research interests, and get a cross cultural mindset.” (Mengshu Zhang, Class 7)


Participate in the research activities of the largest Center of Management in France: Dauphine Research in Management (DRM)

Become a notable teacher in International universities and Business Schools through the systematic analysis of managerial problems.


In short, take this rich opportunity to develop a solid springboard for your career and professional success.