CEM Research


The CEMResearch aims to become a scientific reference point in the Engaged Management Scholarship and Evidence Based Management research movements that particularly insist on the interest of bringing together professionals and researchers in order to conduct pertinent research, better anchored in the corporate reality of management. The Center for Engaged Management Research is the French block of an international network around the EDBA Council (www.executivedba.org) and of its annual conference “Engaged Management Scholarship”, which assembles approximately 200 EDBA graduates and their professors.

The Executive Doctorate in Business Administration (EDBA) at Université Paris Dauphine-PSL is at the origin of the CEMResearch (www.edba.dauphine.fr. In this doctorate level program, the combination of privileged access to a field of study and to a solid academic program demonstrates that it is possible to generate scientific contributions of excellent quality (innovative approaches, concrete benefits for organizations, publication perspectives).

At the end of their program, several graduates of the EDBA have developed their awareness and that of the projects they managed, which in turn ignited their career path, whether that be academic (article publications and books), managerial and/or entrepreneurial.

The CEMResearch offers EDBA graduates the opportunity to continue their work in groups with professors and researchers of the DRM: new research, publications, conversion to teaching tools, applications, etc.

The CEMResearch is a global first among universities and schools that offer an EDBA program. Université Paris Dauphine-PSL shows its continued support of EDBA graduates by diffusing their work and helping to develop their academic and entrepreneurial careers.

Already, several graduates of the EDBA program at Université Paris-Dauphine can boast impressive career developments.

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The CEM projects envisaged at this point include:

  • An annual symposium allowing the sharing of research results produced in the context of the EDBA.
  • <>The promotion of research activities in management among organizations (enterprises, associations, professional organizations…).
  • An annual forum for graduates of the EDBA and Dauphine professors in order to initiate collaborative projects.
  • The establishment of collaboration projects between companies, graduates of the EDBA, professors and doctoral students.

The CEMResearch is headed by Pierre Volle, Academic Director (Professor of Management and Director of the EDBA), and Jean-Denis Budin, Associate Director (EDBA 2012, representative of the International Alumni on the EDBA Council). They are supported by a Board of professors and researchers who teach in the EDBA program at Université Paris Dauphine-PSL as well as EDBA graduates.