Post EDBA & CEM Research

CEM Research

On April 10, 2014, the DRM Laboratory (Dauphine Research in Management, UMR 7088) approved the creation of the Center for Engaged Management Research (CEMResearch).

CEMResearch’s mission consists in serving as a bridge between research and professional practice, notably in:

  • >Allowing doctoral students to access fields of research more easily,
  • Encouraging enterprises to support research in the science of management and, more generally,
  • Allowing enterprises and institutions to take advantage of the benefits of research conducted at Université Paris Dauphine-PSL (strategy, organization, finance, audit and control, marketing…).

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Life after the EDBA

Post EDBA paths vary considerably. Various testimonials illustrate that the EDBA made its undeniable mark on the participants lives.

For those wishing to pursue research activities at Université Paris-Dauphine, the EDBA created the Center for Engaged Management Research, an initiative allowing alumni to work in partnership with management professors, researchers and doctoral students at Université Paris-Dauphine.

  • A network of professionals, professors and students of the program
  • An academic network within Université Paris Dauphine-PSL
  • Participation in research activities in Finance



Ernest Kuekam, Class 1

“I keep with me a memory of hard work and self-sacrifice years. However, I feel privileged and honored to have acquired the high-level knowledge that makes me today a university professional and a renowned businessman. The Executive DBA allowed me to have a vision both cross-sectional and integrated of economic phenomena, corporate-politics, and organizational management in their complexity. I look upon the position that I achieved through great sacrifice, but also with a great deal of pleasure. I am equipped to the new challenges of this changing world where evolutions and revolutions are both opportunities and threats.”

Sylvie Gaubicher, Class 1

“I keep in touch with Dauphine alumni and Dauphine programs … I’m present at a lot of Dauphine events. I read scientific articles … the EDBA was really a personal benefit!!! Impact of this education is evident.”

Gérald Mazzalovo, Class 1

“Being up-to-date on management theories, techniques, and a taste for research, publication of my thesis (Italian, English), continual publication of academic articles, these are the benefits of the program.”