Impressive career developments for graduates of the EDBA program at Paris-Dauphine University


Feena May ran life bases abroad for the Red Cross. Her research is quite original: founded on the unique knowledge and intimate experience of managing humanitarian teams, she conceived new managerial approaches for emergency situations, as attests the title of her thesis: “I brought you some candy… The exercise of Good Leadership”. Feena is today recognized as a worldwide expert in her field. After beingthe Director of the International Red Cross Foundation, she is now CEO of The Inspiring Company.

Gerald Mazzalovo is a marketing professional for luxury products. His thesis at Dauphine on the esthetics of brands has been published as a book in Italian and English. Gerald is a renowned expert in Europe and Asia. After being appointed CEO and proesient fo various luxury companies, he is now professor at Sasin School of Management in Bangkok.

Jean-Denis Budin transformed his weakness and burnout into a thesis on leaders in difficulty, which has developed into a help center for professionals in transition, the CREDIR. 

Raphaëlle Laubie is an entrepreneur 2.0. The activities she created are founded on the Web 2.0 where her skills excel. Her research was on virtual patient communities. Raphaëlle is involved in the most prestigious academic conferences. She gives a number of training courses at the university and executive education levels as an expert in 2.0. 

Jean-Michel Rocchi works is the founding CEO of Corporate Finance Advisors and teaches Finance and Financial Markets at the Université of Paris Dauphine-PSL. He is, among others, leading author of the MBA Finance, Tout ce qu'il faut savoir sur la finance par les meilleurs professeurs and co-author of the Vademecum de la Bourse et des Marchés Financiers et de Dérivés de Crédit. In addition, he was the winner of the 1998 Turgot Prize for Financial Engineering Techniques (Sefi).He was an independent director of a Part II Sicav in Luxembourg (Fund of Hedge Funds), and Head of Equity Capital Markets (ECM) in France for ING Barings (ING Ferri).

Vincent Giolito is an associate professor in EM Lyon and focuses his research on the intersection of Strategy and Leadership, i.e. how executives and entrepreneurs “get things done” on a daily basis towards the goals of their organizations by making right and correcting wrong choices, through the way they influence their teams and other stakeholders.