Université Paris Dauphine-PSL designed a program of 288 hours in the classroom (supervision time excluded) that accompanies its students all the way through their studies.  The EDBA takes place over three years and can, with special permission from the Scientific Committee, include a fourth year. The first year is devoted to a methodic and conceptual foundation via courses at the Université and to elaborating a scientific project. In the second year, in-depth seminars are proposed as well as the development of an empirical assignment. The third year is dedicated to completing the latter assignment as well as to writing the EDBA thesis.

The EDBA course of study has been designed around the following major themes.



Core Seminars


  • Philosophy of Science
  • Research Design
  • Qualitative Methods
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Organization Performance
  • Research Practices
  • Organizations theories
Advanced Seminars


  • Sensemaking
  • Innovation
  • Business models
  • Digital business models
  • Entrepreneurship Theories
  • Discursive & Narrative Approaches





Before beginning classes, some readings are requested to prepare future students for the program.

Throughout the program, compulsory readings will punctuate students’ work to complement face-to-face lectures and ensure thorough comprehension of the various tools (methodology, theories, research practices, etc.).



3 presentations ahead from EDBA pre-defense:

  • Research Project
  • Litterature Review and research design
  • Data Collection & Analysis