Program Overview

A program for Senior Professionals Executives 

The EDBA is an Executive Education program, part-time, over three years. The seminars's organization permits participants to continue their professional activities on a full-time basis.

Program rythm is as follows :

  •  Residential seminars on the Dauphine campus in Paris one week per term (in October, March and July)
  •  Online seminars 2 days a month (Friday afternoon and Saturday), between residential seminars


The program lasts 3 years and is organized as follow:

  • A base of 14 days targeting a deep understanding of the theoretical foundations of Management Science, of which 6 days of theoretical seminars "a la carte"
  • 18 days of research methodology
  • 16 days of Practice of Research concerning in-depth research practices to decrypt research challenges and tools, of which 7 collective tutorings, 7 seminars of Practice, 3 days of Writing seminars.
  • 3 assignments designed to master and strengthen research requirements
  • Drafting a thesis once the research tools are mastered.

Important Dates

  • Start of the program: October
  • End of the program: Y + 3


The courses at Université Paris-Dauphine are offered in French and in English. They are taught in two distinct groups. Certain courses “à la carte” can be taught in only one language. The large majority of the documentation is in English, which demands a minimal control of written English.

The EDBA of Université Paris Dauphine-PSL is offered on 3 campuses

  • Paris (at Université Paris Dauphine-PSL)

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